Mood Tracker

[cjtoolbox name=’mood-tracker-html’][/cjtoolbox]

What is this?

This table represents how each of the runners inĀ Shadowrun: Corporate SINs currently feels about each of the ten megacorps in the Corporate Metagame. This affects how much hiring that runner for a mission will cost, both in terms of which corp is doing the hiring and who that runner is being asked to target. Runners won’t say no to cash, but it can get pretty pricey!

Based on who got hired, who you think might have hired them, and how much you think they are prepared to spend, you may want to shore up your defenses against that runner’s particular talents.

What determines a runner’s mood?

Runners are notoriously capricious, and each have their own values and opinions! Some known factors are:

  • Personal history with the corporations
  • Intervention in the runners’ lives from both the metagame and the story
  • Donations to the runner during the live show, hashtagged with the corporation they came from
  • Runs the corporation has hired the runner to do
  • A mysterious list, rhymes with “[cjtoolbox name=’rhymes-with-shit’]”…

When is the list updated?

The list contains live data, and will be updated whenever the runners update their personal preferences.